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Farm Insurance

As a family-owned and operated business, Honest Abe Territory Insurance Services, Inc. strives to serve our community better by writing fair farm insurance policies that protect the value of your livelihood. We specialize in providing in-depth information on policy options for farm types and sizes of all kinds. No matter what type of crops or livestock you grow, we’re the partners that put your best interests first.

Sit down with us during a no-risk consultation to learn more about cost-saving policies that give you peace of mind.

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What Kind of Insurance Does a Farmer Need?

You serve our community and our country by growing the delicious, nutrient-rich food people rely on to feed their families. When things are going well, it can be easy to overlook protecting your farm with insurance that will serve you in the case of an accident, storm, and other types of loss and damage. However, as all farmers in Illinois know, farming and mother nature can both be unpredictable.

Let’s take a look at what kind of insurance a farmer needs:

Farm Liability Coverage

Liability insurance is critical on a farm because it protects farmers against claims from others, including ranch employees and visitors, pertaining to bodily injury or property damage. It also covers:

  • Medical payments to other parties
  • Negligent acts of young family members
  • Acts of pets and livestock
  • Liability for products sold at farmers markets
  • Fire liability
  • And more

Speak to our team to explore coverage options that make sense for your business.

Insurance for Farm Equipment

Since homeowners’ insurance does not cover your small farm, you’ll need insurance for farm equipment. This way, if the equipment is damaged or stolen, you are protected from loss.

Crop Insurance

Crop insurance, also known as seed and produce insurance, is designed to protect you from losses. If the seeds fail to grow, rain prevents crops from thriving, or agricultural commodity prices fall, crop insurance will shield you from these devastating blows.

Livestock Insurance

Livestock insurance guards you against the loss of animals. This includes theft, animal sickness resulting in death, and the death of one or more of your herds.

Health Insurance

Prioritizing your health is critical to the success of your farm. Speak to our certified team to learn more about how health insurance could be the right fit for you.

Farm and Ranch Insurance

In addition to the policies mentioned above, farmers can benefit from farm and ranch insurance if their home is near their business. Farm property insurance is a hybrid commercial and residential policy that covers both your home and farmland.

Allow us to explain the details of each coverage option to give you a better picture of how this type of policy can reduce insurance expenses and give you the peace of mind you deserve. Book a no-obligation consultation to learn more.

Call the Region’s Best Small Farm Insurance Experts

Honest Abe Territory Insurance Services, Inc. strives to protect the best interests of our community by being the small farm insurance experts you can rely on. We take the time to explain each detail of your policy options so you can fully understand how your coverage works for your unique situation.

Call (217) 837-2000 to book a no-obligation appointment with our licensed professionals.

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