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Crop Insurance

Honest Abe Territory Insurance Services, Inc. makes it easier for farmers to maintain their livelihoods and continue to do what they know and love. Our comprehensive crop insurance options cover a wide variety of plant types and livestock and protect your yield earnings from being depleted due to extreme weather conditions like relentless hail and rain.

Contact our licensed team to explore budget-friendly policies that protect the cornerstones of your business. Reach us at (217) 837-2000.

Crop-Hail Insurance: What You Need When the Weather Won’t Quit

Hail has been confounding farmers in our community for centuries, and it isn’t about to let up any time soon. As a farmer, you know this type of weather will significantly impact your ability to produce a reliable crop. Protect your assets in times like these with crop hail insurance written by a certified agent.

Our team looks forward to getting to know you and explaining the benefits of each policy option during a no-risk consultation.

Rainfall Index Insurance

Rainfall index insurance is a value-driven policy that is designed to give you access to crop protection at lower rates. This policy works by using a regional weather index to determine the amount paid out to each farmer who holds this policy within a specific region. It is not based on individual loss. You can select from annual forage coverage, pasture, rangeland, and forage options, and more.

Is this the right type of insurance for your small farm? Connect with us to learn more about the benefits insuring your crops will provide.

Your Crop Management Risk Plan

In addition to providing the above services, we also assist you in making sure your crop management risk plan aligns with your goals. The following are some of the additional types of agricultural insurance we provide:

Yield Protection Crop Insurance

When yields are low, protect your bottom line from suffering by implementing yield protection crop insurance. Sit down with us to explore your options at no risk.

Margin Protection Crop Insurance

When you are hit with an unanticipated reduction in your operating margin, margin protection crop insurance allows you to weather the storm relatively unscathed. Like rainfall index insurance, this policy uses area-based data to compensate a regional group of farmers at the same payout rate based on local averages.

Revenue Protection Crop Insurance

Even when yields are high, you can be at risk of loss of revenue. Ensure your business is shielded from these instances with revenue protection crop insurance.

Livestock Risk Protection

Livestock risk protection reduces losses related to livestock in your possession, including damages incurred from accidents, transit accidents, fire exposure, and more.

Plant Nursery Insurance

If you are growing plants for wholesale purposes, you may be eligible for plant nursery insurance. Protect your assets from loss caused by frost, freezing, fire, disease, and damage from wildlife.

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Honest Abe Territory Insurance Services, Inc. is a family-owned crop insurance agency that puts your best interests first. Allow us to understand your requirements in greater depth by booking a no-obligation consultation.

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