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ATV/UTV Insurance

Honest Abe Territory Insurance Services, Inc. understands how important it is to play as hard as you work, and for that reason, we offer ATV/UTV insurance that covers a wide variety of off-road vehicle types, including golf carts, trail bikes, side by sides, and much more. The cornerstone of our business is matching you with the affordable policy options that give you peace of mind.

If you plan to take your recreational vehicle off the road, you’ll need insurance to prevent you from getting fines and running into other legal issues should you become involved in an accident. Our goal is to protect you and your investment so you can enjoy the ride and your beautiful natural surroundings.

Is ATV insurance right for you? Reach our experts at (217) 837-2000 to discuss your needs and explore different policy and pricing options.

Affordable ATV Insurance and UTV Insurance Coverage

To cross state roads or enter designated state parks that allow the use of all-terrain vehicles, you’ll need, at minimum, basic ATV insurance or UTV insurance coverage. We also offer policy options for the following types of vehicles:

  • Golf cart insurance
  • Side by side insurance
  • Quad insurance
  • 4x4 insurance
  • And more!

In some cases, financing will only be approved if insurance is in place. The following are some of our most popular policy selections:

Bodily Injury Liability

Should you find yourself in an accident with another party who is injured or killed as a result of your collision, this policy pays for damages and legal fees. In both of these situations, this covers up to the amount of the claim limit your policy is based on.  

Property Damage Liability

If you damage another person’s property, this policy pays up to the agreed-upon amount to restore that person’s belongings, vehicles, landscape features, and structures.

Optional Off-Road Vehicle Insurance

We provide budget-friendly options that protect you from many of the hazards you may face when operating an ATV. The following are some additional off-road vehicle insurance coverage options that may be appropriate for your personal circumstances:

Medical Payment Coverage  

This coverage is designed to protect you from bearing the brunt of medical costs associated with those who are riding on your ATV or UTV. If a rider is harmed during the operation of the all-terrain vehicle, they may require an ambulance trip and other medical services like x-rays and hospital indemnity.

Motorists Without Insurance

This coverage protects you and those riding your ATV from expenses incurred when you face an accident with a person without insurance. In some cases, the person may have coverage but could be underinsured. If this is the case, your policy will pay up to the agreed-upon amount for certain expenses outlined in your coverage plan.

Accidental Collisions

Accidents are always a risk when you operate motorized vehicles. Protect yourself from expenses related to collisions with this optional policy choice.  

Complete Coverage

Allow us to explain the benefits of complete coverage and the specifics of the policy during a no-obligation consultation.

While these specific types of coverage are optional, we recommend exploring whether it’s worth it for your unique circumstances. Get in touch to learn more.

Call Us for an Unbeatable ATV or UTV Insurance Quote

Honest Abe Territory Insurance Services, Inc. is proud to be the region’s top choice for ATV and UTV insurance quotes. Be sure to book a no-risk appointment with our licensed professionals to discuss your goals.

Reach us at (217) 837-2000 to learn more.

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